Minutes of ASRA Annual General Meeting for 2021-22 held at Clevedon Rifle Club on Saturday 14th May 2022 at 4.pm.

1)     Roll Call. 

2)     Apologies – Recorded on register. Moved Stuart H, 2nd Kevin H. Passed

3)     Minutes of last AGM – Circulated.   Approval moved Richard C 2nd Kevin H..  Passed

4)     Presidents Report – Presented by Peter K  

a) Bad year

b) Howick 22 shoots next – Nick H to check we are booked in

c) ) Electronic targets – can afford but no stock.  Want Tylee type with invisible sensors

d) Could talk to Waiuku Pistol Club again.

  Moved Stuart H, 2nd Richard C.  Passed.  To be written and circulated.

5)     Financial Report – pre-circulated.  Discussed.  Very small loss because two years of NZSRA paid in one year.   Moved Stuart H 2nd Richard C. Passed

6)     Remits – None received

7)     Notices of Motion – None received

8)     Setting fee for next year – Committee recommend it remains at $55 plus $25 new NZSRA - $80.  Moved Stuart H 2nd Richard C.  Passed.

9)     Election of Officers – Committee all standing again with no change notified.   Correct number, so all elected.  Moved Peter K, Michael N.  Passed

New Committee

President – Peter K

Vice President – Michael N

Secretary – Stuart H

Treasurer – Peter K

Committee –Richard C, Peter M, Rhys P, Adam B, Ant L

             Immediate Past President – Dave v E

10)   Any other business. 

We can shoot on Saturday 28th May afternoon (thanks Lee) as CRC away. 

Winter shooting. Auckland NZDA where we have had one shoot in 2022 and one to come - 15th May.  Howick indoor 22 – 4 Saturdays from May to November.

Any action on (discussed in 2021)

North Auckland NZDA in Riverhead where our somewhat less noisy current shooting may be OK;

Auckland Shooting Club (prone only). 

To investigate South Auckland DA at Paparimu (who?)  

Waiuku too difficult as ASRA but members could (and have) join and practice.

Range work.  The back stop needs to be raised and solidified.  This requires several truck loads of dirt delivered then moved up from the rear of the backstop.

CRC’s use of E targets has removed the alleged safety hazard of working in the butts. Tough ASRA members will carry on until E targets are available.

We did discuss if the use of E targets would allow shooting more matches.  Possible, but probably eliminated by having less shooters at once (less targets).

Close 4.30 pm

Stuart Hayman