How to get to the Clevedon Rifle Club Range.

The range is situated on a farm with no house on the road between Clevedon and Duder’s Beach.
Get to Clevedon any way you can and at the roundabout, take the North Road (to Maraetai) (straight on unless you are coming from the polo ground), and keep on going (ten ks or so) until you can see the sea away on the right.
Then look for the Duder’s Beach Regional Park notice on the right-hand side of the road.  This is quite clearly marked.  Within a couple of hundred metres on the left-hand side is a gated metal driveway leading off at right-angles to the road into the paddocks.  There is a half-round barn visible.  This is the way to the CRC range.  When the range is in use, there will be a sign hanging on the gate.  If it is not in use there is virtually nothing to tell you, as you cannot see the butts from the road.

This gate is 9.21 kms from the Clevedon roundabout.   
Latitude        -36.909643°
Longitude    175.067406°

Go down the roadway, past the barn, and ahead of you is a gully, and just before it is the clubhouse, a green shed.

Remain on the track round the side of the paddock; DO NOT drive straight across.

If there is no-one there, drive on past to the left, through a gate, down through the gully, through the electric fence gate, up the roadway to the flat, which is the 300 metre mound.  The track continues right down to the butts.

Access safety.

Come through the gate which will have a sign on it.  Then head up the track, keeping to the track.  You will come to the clubhouse and from there you can see the range and the targets.  Follow the track and then down into the gully and up the other side.  Provided they are shooting at 100 or 200 metres (up till perhaps 11 am) you can then advance to the cars and the shooters.

The range is open from 8.30 to 5 and we normally start at 100 m for sighting and matches at 8.30.  This is the best time to come.

If they are shooting at 300 m, then the firing point is actually behind where the track emerges, and so if shooting is in progress you can’t go to it.  In this case you wait below the crest and wait until the range is closed.  The red flag will be raised at the butts.  A group of people will then go forward to the butts, past you, and you can then drive up and to the group at the mound.