Agenda for NZSRA Annual General Meeting for 2019-20 to be held by ZOOM on Saturday June 4th at 4 pm. .

Note: This is to comply with the requirements of the Incorporated Societies Act. 

1)     Roll Call (named attendees listed)

2)     Apologies

3)     Minutes of last AGM – attached – to be approved as correct

4)     Presidents Report  - to be accepted

 5)     Financial Report – attached - to be accepted

6)     Remits –  None received

7)     Notices of Motion –   None received


8)     Setting fee for next year (2021-2022) Current is $80


9)   Election of Officers

Current committee have all agreed to stand again.  No other nominations received.  At this time changing personnel probably not useful.

Stuart Hayman

Secretary  26/5/20

Comment:  The President’s report will tell you where we are at and specifically our policy regarding the election.  After this we may or may not make the current temporary set-up permanent.

Zoom. The free version provides 40 minutes.  If we need to go on we can restart. I will set this up and email a link.  I suggest that 25 is probably as useful maximum and that we should have at least 3 from each of the 3 large clubs (ASRA, WSRA and CNIGC – which is pretty much the committee) and 2 from BOPSRA and Christchurch and anyone else. But any other method is open to suggestion.  All attendees must be financial members.

Please ask any questions before the meeting so we can discuss if necessary