Our thing about 2 shooting events is because we used to just let people join.  This was OK when we were getting people who were already experienced shooters and in many cases already known to (or brought by) one of the existing members.  In most cases they already had an E endorsement.

In the last couple of years we have had an increasing number of new shooters who may have bought an A cat MSSA as their first rifle and have little or no experience of any sort of shooting.  Our club doesn’t really cater for complete novice shooters and such people need more supervision and sometimes frankly have been so dangerous we have had to tell them to go away.  This is more difficult if they are already members.  So we know want to see potential members a couple of times and to approve their membership application by committee, by being able to decided if they are OK or not.  This does also work the other way in that there is an opportunity for potential members to decide if they want to be members before joining up and paying money!.

We now want you do do a basic SR training course and two attendances before your membershisp is approved by the committee. It would be good to do these in this order but this is not always possible.  It is also good if you fill in an application form and pay upfront so you are on our records.

This policy is flexible and may be changed now that no-one has real MSSAs, only bolt actions, which while still potentially dangerous are probably less so.   The Government thinks so anyway.