Membership renewal for ASRA.
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Reminder that your membership expires on 31st March each year, so that you need to make payment as soon after April 1st as possible.  For accounting reasons we prefer you don’t pay before then.  Membership fees are currently 2018-19 $80 p.a. (which includes $25 to NZSRA our national body and can be paid by Direct Payment to 12-3041-0379372-00   If you join in March your membership will go forward to the next April (i.e. 1 year 1 month).
Important – NZSRA members
We have previously allowed occasional shooters who are members only of NZSRA to shoot with us on and off.  We do have a several NZSRA only members who shoot with ASRA regularly, and so are getting membership on the cheap.  We don’t want to stop casual shooters who are NZSRA members but will now start charging non-members of ASRA the $20 non-member range fee and a higher competition entry fee.
Please bring your ASRA membership card (current) as well as your FLIC and the person taking range fees will check this.  For competitions we will check your membership.